PLA Filament Care - Protect Your 3D Filament

How to Store PLA Filament

When not in use, make sure to store your PLA filament in a humidity free air tight container or bag (vacuum sealed is even better) with desiccant to help prevent filament water absorption. When filament absorbs water, many problems can result. When printing, the water can heat up to become steam, which can lead to pockets, air bubbles, or uneven layering seen within the part. This affects both aesthetics and structural integrity of the printed part. In severe cases, the water absorption can cause the filament diameter to swell such that it can jam the extruder. We ensure fresh and functional filament out of the box by vacuum sealing each spool of filament with a desiccant package immediately after production, waiting for you to order it - get it in black or white.


Note that there are techniques to drying filament once it has become wet, but we have found that this process does decrease the strength of the filament. So why go through this hassle when we can just easily prevent it? If you're having any other problems, check out our troubleshooting flowchart.



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