Helping the Autistic Community with 3D Printing

Our goal at ProMolt 3D has always been to make products that empower our customers to dream bigger. We want to put the building blocks in your hands to create something out of nothing and pull tangible objects out of your imagination. And we think this path should be wide open to those with educational disabilities as well. We’d like to highlight someone doing very cool work to put resources into the hands of autistic children and foster their interest in cutting edge technology like 3D printing!

David Berkowitz runs, which is currently pending non-profit status. David and his company seek to help by donating technology, time, and care to people and families affected by autism. One of his biggest interests is in the 3D printing industry. 3D printing is the perfect blend of art and science, and presents a fantastic way for anyone with forms of educational disabilities to gain an interest in technology and get involved in their community.

ProMolt 3D and Technewszone 3D printingDavid is using ProMolt 3D filament on an Orion Delta 3D printer to bring learning to life to those with educational disabilities.

Last year, TechNewsZone was able to partner with Robo3D to donate one of their 3D printers to a local special education teacher. David has run many events with special education classes, as well as with his local Girl Scouts of America branch. The impact of sparking interest in young minds can’t be understated – the 3D printing industry is going to reach amazing heights in the next decade and it will be pushed even further by the kids that David works so hard to inspire!

David is a skilled 3D printer, and writes many reviews on his site and keeps the autism community up-to-date on the latest, greatest trends via his Twitter account. To learn more about how you could help David and make a difference in the lives of people with autism, check out his donor page and his mission statement. To see his thoughts on ProMolt 3D PLA filament, check out his reviews page and make sure you share his message on Facebook and Twitter.

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